Augmented Imogen Heap - Tech & Development

June 2nd
1st launch with

Watson Assistant Watson Discovery Freshdesk Directus X1 Tablet Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor EmoPy
AImogen’s “voice”, talks to fans through the chat interface. If it doesn’t know how to answer something, it asks Watson Discovery. Maintains a fact store of questions Imogen has answered before in interviews, chats in the chair and other sources of information. Creates tickets if anyone wants Imogen herself to answer a question that AImogen cannot handle. Stores archive of previously answered questions. Runs custom "Listening Chair" software on top of Linux. This allows Imogen to answer questions from fans and while she does it takes recordings and "emotion" sensor readings. These will eventually be fed back into AImogen models to make them more representative of Imogen herself. Records Imogen's heart rate while she is answering questions. A library used to estimate Imogen's emotions from her facial expressions.